Modern Science has robbed humanity of our Soul
It's time that we take it back!!

In 2019, I was approached by a group who asked me to participate in a public debate with renown author, neuroscientist, outspoken atheist, scientific materialist, scholar and gentleman Sam Harris. This group assured me that they knew Sam personally and that they had the wherewithal to put on the event. 

After researching for six months and putting the effort into structuring and framing my arguments in how I wanted to approach the debate, it became increasingly clear that this group were not going to be able to fulfill their commitment to me. 

So in March of this year (2020), I decided that rather than chuck all the material in my head that I has spent the previous half a year formulating, I would sit in front of the camera and release the material that way.  It's not the event that I had hoped and prepared for, but it presents my arguments in the best possible light, all things considered.

This short film is the end result of that process and questions whether or not our current paradigm in science is foundationally correct while inviting Sam to participate in an intellectually honest, fact-based, long form conversation about the future of science and thus, the future of humanity.   

The presentation takes a full 45 minutes to lay out my case and the subject matter can be nuanced, esoteric and abstract so please consider yourself a member of the jury and sit back and watch the entire video in order to come to your own conclusions. 

If you're interested in getting involved in some way, please send me a PM.

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