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Does Physics of The Soul Prove the Existence of God?

No.  That's not how Modern Science works.  Science works only by disproving and it's impossible to disprove God given the current paradigm but this film does disprove Scientific Materialism and paves the way for a legitimate argument for the existence of a Universal Consciousness

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Synopsis of Films 


Beyond Me draws a directly link between the migration patterns of Monarch Butterflies and Human personality disorders and bridges the gap between intelligent design and Darwinism by arguing that reincarnation is the major driving force behind all evolutionary biology.  It finishes by making the case the meditation is vital to removing the impressions in our consciousness that have been formed over millennia and that lead to misery and unhappiness.

Beyond Belief makes a cogent argument for how Jesus spent 18 years in India training with Yogis and after the Crucifixion went back to India where he lived out his life to around 100 years old.  The actual message Jesus initially taught was that of Gnosticism (knowingness) but unfortunately, Christianity was distorted into something completely agnostic and belief-based as opposed to a form of introspection and self realization based on a "Know Thyself". 

Beyond Reason dives headlong into quantum mechanics and modern physics   The film discusses Vedanta, the ancient Vedic school of philosophical and scientific thought from India, and how quantum mechanics corroborates Vedanta.  QM doesn't prove anything, but at the same time, it is internally self consistent with Vedanta where as you can't say the same thing about most of the other world religions. 

The Physics of the Soul disproves Scientific Materialism using the process of elimination and in doing so, proves the existence of a universal consciousness that is beyond space and time.   This film argues that if we're ever going to understand healing, that we're going to have to evolve science to make consciousness central to our understanding of evolutionary biology.


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